Frank Fortenberry

Bass / Backing Vocals


                        A Knoxville, TN native, Frank rocked in the 80's playing in several bands. Finding favor with a steady paycheck, he  started a career, met his wife and had two very active children. He golfed, coached baseball and football in the area and then started racing motocross with his son, even building a track for them and their racing friends to practice on.

                     After the kids had grown up and started their own careers, Frank ran into a old friend that had recently started back to playing music again. Inspired by this chance encounter,  Frank picked up a bass again after 30 years away from music.                                 He worked hard to get back in form and played from time to time with some guys that had also had started playing again. He found an ad on Facebook that Tom had posted and after a few calls, decided it was exactly what he was looking for,  so he got a couple of guys (Donnie and Chriss)  together with Tom and Josh, and the rest is SHADY SHADIE HISTORY.

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