Josh Dunn

Lead Vocals / Guitar


​            Born in Homestead, Fl, and now residing in Greene County, Tn,  fourth generation musician​ Josh has been performing professionally for over 22 years. Having grown up in the industry, he has always  maintained a high degree of professionalism in his songwriting, stage performance and overall desire to deliver top notch Rock & Roll, straight from the heart and soul. 

            Josh is also prolific on Piano, Mandolin, Bass and Drums.​​ His influences include classic rock groups such as The Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles, Frank Zappa and .38 Special. His more contemporary influences include Metallica, Incubus, and Alice in ​Chains. ​Despite having had no formal training, Josh has honed a solid, consistent, and recognizable style.

           His resume includes several groups such as Déjà Vu, Nod Ran Off, The Van Hill Project, Switchblade Soul, and regional recording act, Padlock Grin.

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