Tom Light

Guitar / Backing Vocals

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                  Born in Dayton, Ohio, Tom started playing  guitar at age 11.  Being a "southpaw", he learned to play upside-down on a right handed guitar, at the time not realizing that left handed guitars were even available to the public. After years of playing right handed guitars, Tom began to aquire left handed guitars, but still plays with "upside-down" strings, lending to a unique, but solid and consistent playing style.
                As a teen, Tom  spent his summers on working vacation with family at German Creek Boat Dock on Cherokee Lake.  After military service, he decided in 1987 to move to East Tennessee permanently.  Toms biggest musical influences include: Led Zeppelin,  Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, and Grand Funk Railroad.
                Having played in several band throughout Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina, Tom has honed his playing skill, and  established himself as a skilled,  consistent, dedicated and reliable musician in the region.